The first performance of Shakespeare’s Antony and Cleopatra and the founding of the first American colony, Virginia, in 1607.

Early settlers in the US

In the US, American history and European history are often taught quite separately. For me and many others, Shakespeare feels like ancient- almost medieval- history while the founding of America is the start of the modern era. It’s very easy to overlook the overlap.

Happily, the the unfortunate settlers could have had a chance to see many of Shakespeare’s other recently produced plays. Macbeth came out the year they set sail for the New World.

Here’s an extra one for history lovers: the end of the Apache Wars in the US and Hitler writes Mein Kampf in 1924:

Apache History
Mein Kampf

I think most people imagine that the battles between US soldiers and Native Americans ended much earlier than they actually did. Yes, most of the major battles occurred before the 1890’s, but we were still fighting them and didn’t allow them citizenship until well after WWI, which is pretty ridiculous.

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